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The General Administration of Nutrition


Since its launch nearly thirty years ago, The General Department of Nutrition exerts efforts, year after year, to achieve efficient outcomes. The department serves high-quality distinctive food in accordance with the best international standards. In order to improve the nutrition services, the department has contracted with numerous specialized food service companies. The department is looking to turn the goals and visions into tangible food services that include the venue, quality, and presentation to achieve the desired goal and satisfaction with the services provided to the students, staff and visitors.

About the Department:

The Nutrition General Department was founded on 11/1/1404 H under the umbrella of Student Affairs Deanship. The health cadres of Nutrition General Department include technicians, and specialists in the field of food science, nutrition and environmental health. An independent women department was established on 02/04/1434 H under the management of Ms. Afaf Alburaikan, which contributed in strengthening the role of the department and keeping up with other departments in the Deanship of Student Affairs.


The Nutrition General Department in the Deanship of Student Affairs is aiming for

1- Presenting the latest in the food service and providing multiple options in accordance with the latest technology in a contemporary style which will reflect positively on the supporting services for the main educational mission in the University.

2- Raising health and nutrition awareness among a large number of community members.


Full supervision in applying sanitary conditions in all production levels of preparing meals to reach a high level of quality and safety.

Establishing conditions and requirements for the university nutrition services and following-up the implementation in all selling points.

Contracting with different food service companies to ensure diversity and innovation.


First/ Students Services:

Financially supported meals: The department, in collaboration with the Student Fund, provides low cost meals to suit students with Low-income

Supported Meal Locations:

  1. Gulf Catering booths located in every college at the university.
  2.  Student restaurant for breakfast and lunch located in building 27A (it costs 2 Saudi Riyals for breakfast and 4 Saudi Riyals for lunch).
  3. Mobile food carts strolling around buildings.

Student Activity meals: For the students’ events and activities held at the University, the department provides a free buffet that fits the numbers of students and attendees.

Nutrition Education: The department participates in spreading awareness and educating the students by organizing food and nutrition events and activities within the University.

Second/ Services for Faculty Members and Employees:

Event preparation: the department assists the staff in organizing indoor events including tea parties, lunches and dinners. The department is the link between the staff organizing the events and private event planning companies and restaurants.

Faculty Members and Employees Restaurant: the department provided a privet restaurant that offers breakfast and lunch for the staff (located in building 25).

Third: Public Services:

Vending Machines: The department contracted with several companies to install vending machines with fresh juice, drinks, water, coffee and snacks in all the buildings and entrance halls.

Restaurants and Cafes: the department contracted with several food companies (Restaurants and cafes) located in various buildings throughout campus. The department keen on diversity at services and prices therefore; it divided food sites as follows:

Restaurants: high price - low price

Cafes: high price - low price

Snacks: high price - low price

Fourth: Poll and Receiving Complaints:

Quarterly Referendum: The Nutrition Department holds referendum for the level of food service provided for students and staff to address the problems by the administration unit.

Complaints and Observations: students and staff complaints received via the administration phone 0118056670. The complaint will not be accepted unless it meets the conditions described on complaint placards available in all places selling food.  The conditions are not to take the food out of campus; the complaint is presented within 24 hours and submits it without any changes or consumption.

Fifth: Training students and graduates to work as nutrition supervisor:

Training: The Nutrition Department participates in training undergraduate and diploma students specialized in the field of nutrition, and documenting the training by certificate accredited by the Dean of Student Affairs.

Contact Us:

Director of Nutrition Departments:

Ms. Nouf Alajmi

Ext: 8052996



Ms. Maha Al-Qahtany

Ext: 8050513


Complaints and Suggestions:

Ms. Rawabi Al-Ahmad

Tel. 805851


Social Media:



Building 25,

First floor, Across from the Medical Clinic

Nutrition Locations in the Female Campus:



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