Female Student Campus

The Female Student Campus is one of the biggest and most important projects; it is uniquely well-designed, well-implemented, easily accessed, catering academic and non-academic services. The campus design observes the culture-specific character of Saudi society with regard to the girls’ education environment, and the tools and methods necessary for interactive higher education, serving the university’s aspired pioneering goal of excellence locally and internationally.


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Deanship of Scientific Research Launches
Deanship of Scientific Research Launches "Research Assistant Internship Program"

On Tuesday 10th Sep, 2019, the Vice-Rector for Female Student Affairs Dr.

Orientation Week in Female Students Campus
Orientation Week in Female Students Campus

     On the 1st of Sep 2019, the Female Students Campus held the Orientation week to facilitate the transition of the first-year students into the academic community.

Eid Al-Adha Celebration Gathering Held at Female Student Campus
Eid Al-Adha Celebration Gathering Held at Female Student Campus

KSU Female Student Campus held Eid Al-Adha celebration in the presence of the Vice-Rector for Female Student Affairs Dr. Ghada Abdulaziz Bin Saif, Dean of Science and Medical Studies Departments Dr.

Vice Rector's Message

     Welcome to the Female Students Campus at King Saud University, the leading university in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which was founded in 1957, subsequently in 1961 the female section was established and females were admitted into KSU, making it the first university to offer higher education for females in KSA.  I am pleased that you visited the Female Section site with all its colleges and deans.

     KSU has made remarkable achievements in women's education progress, under a wise leadership's support and special attention to women's education, and a supportive administration keen to make KSU one of the leading educational institutions in KSA. This is part of KSU's strategy to manage outstanding academic and research programs, and to create an attractive environment for students, researchers, and distinctive national and international faculty members, which in turn would achieve global leadership in building the knowledge economy. 

      We at the Female Students Campus seek to help our students to determine their future; hence we devote all our resources to hone students’ skills and knowledge to enhance their participation in achieving the Kingdom's Vision and to build educated generations that can compete regionally and internationally. Our cadres, students and graduates are the driving force behind our greatest achievements. Therefore we handpick our students, provide them with knowledge, nurture their skills and creativity, and provide them with tools and training to empower them as future leaders.

     We take pride in our commitment to qualify and train cadres through distinct educational curricula, research programs, and innovative teaching strategies and methods. We are also very proud of the caliber of our faculty and researchers and value their contribution towards our goal of building the knowledge society. We also take great pride of our distinguished partnerships with pioneer national and international institutions which ensures the quality of scientific performance, skills and values of our graduates. The University aspires to achieve the vital and important role they are expected to serve the interests of the country and its people who serve them.


        Dr. Ghada Abdulaziz Bin Saif  

Vice-Rector for Female Student Affairs