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Public Relations Department

Public Relations Department:  
The administration aims to provide a suitable environment to increase the contribution of the University in the development of the society. There for, to introduce various activities and services provided by the administration. Also to Strengthen the University relationship with Media institutions. In addition, to raise community awareness about  the University mission and objectives and its policy and achievements.

1. Organizing events and conferences.
2. Reserving halls and facilities of Public Relations and Media Department.
3. Preparing all the facilities belonging to the department.
4. Receiving delegations and dignitaries.
5. Approving permits to admit supplies into the department's facilities.
6. To do media coverage and to release news and ads on social media (media4ksu).

The Units of Public Relations Department:
1. The Unit of Administrative and Financial Affairs …(more)
2. The Unit of Events and Conferences …(more)
3. The Unit of Protocol and Relationships …(more)
4. The Unit of Theater and Preparation …(more)
5. Department of Media …(more)

Director of Public Relations and Media Department:

Dr.Heyam Abdulrahman Almousa

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