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Deanship of Development and Quality

Deanship of Development and Quality 

KSU was keen to apply the whole concept of development and quality to achieve excellence and Global leadership. Development and Quality are two concepts to a series of related processes, they aim to improve performance of the all fields whether educational, research, community or administrative activities in accordance with high-level global standards. Most of the practical initiatives and dissertations adopted applying the principles of Quality in the education system and development culture in the educational environment, because of its important role continuing the improvement process. To construct an internal system of quality and emphasize it is the driving force required to push the education system within the educational institution to effectively achieve its vision, mission and objectives.The Vice Rectorate for Development and Quality in the female sections is part of the education system which seeks to focus the technical and technological efforts on supporting the Academic and Administrative bodies in the colleges, supportive deanships and the different Administrations of the Female Student Campus, therefore, doing its part in supporting the vision, mission and objectives of the university and to achieve global leadership and excellence in building a knowledge-based society.The Vice Rectorate will work hard on providing necessary consultations and expertise in the academic and administrative fields of Quality and academic accreditation and development. As well as, supporting all the beneficiaries of the Vice Rectorate to help them apply the highest standards of Quality biased on cooperation and collaborative efforts to achieve the strategic objectives of the university where the university draw a future plan to put it on the national, regional and global competition.


Dr. Dara Al-Disi

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Sunday: 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 

Wednesday: 9:00 a.m. - 11:00


Gate: 3

Building: 20

Floor: 2

Vice dean office: 130 

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Tel. 8050536

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