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Management of Planning and Administrative Excellence

Director of the  units of Planning and Administrative Excellence Management:

Nada Alqahtani


Tasks of the Department of planning and administrative excellence
- Preparation of an information board (r HR) that displays information and indicators for the University agency for Student Affairs.
- Issuing the annual report of the university vice-presidency for female students ' affairs.
- Support organizational units to develop and update policy manuals, procedures and models.
- Manage, review and audit the process of developing policies, processes and procedures applied.
- Develop and modernize the functional organizational structures according to the needs of the vice-chancellor for Student Affairs.
- Supervising translation services for administrative purposes.
- Supervising the portal and the announcements sent via e-mail of the University City.
- Supervise the programs and technical solutions provided.


The units of Planning and Administrative Excellence Management:

1. Systems and Information unit.

2. Quality and Institutional Excellence unit.

3. Studies and Translation unit.


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