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Let's Plan Initiative

Proceeding from KSU's role in activating Saudi Vision 2030, the women campus launched "let's plan" initiative within the developmental project "Administrational imprints".

The initiative responds to the needs of reality and seeks to establish a comprehensive understanding of kinds of planning and importance. It aims to engage KSU staff in planning processes and goal making.

The initiative covers different aspects of planning and focuses more on career planning which contributes to increasing efficiency and enhancing personal skills and raise productivity and quality.  It also sheds the light on the strategic planning which is the base of the intellectual and scientific methodology that underpinned the Saudi Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program 2020. furthermore the initiative covers the personal planning which benefits students on personal level. In addition, the topic of  health planning is addressed being an important pivot in human life. Moreover, family planning is also discusses as an important aspect in family building .Nonetheless, the initiative also focuses on educational planning that reflects on the goodness of society .In addition to the previous aspects, strategic planning and risk management in also addressed to achieve social and sustainable development according to a modern scientific perspective. In conjunction with the initiative, series of lectures and workshops are held and presented by specialists from KSU and in participation with training centers .



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