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Vice Rectorate for Educational and Academic Affairs

Vice Rectorate for Educational and Academic Affairs

The Vice Rectorate for Educational and Academic Affair seeks to provide leading academic programs in accordance with the overall quality standards, in order to attain an attractive, stimulating learning environment to achieve innovation and excellence, by raising the performance efficiency of Colleges and the supporting Deanships associated with it. The academic programs should be distinguished and in line with the development plans and the needs of the Labor market, by overseeing the development processes of plans and academic programs. As well as, preparing evidences and models that achieves outstanding performance. In addition to, coordinating with the relevant bodies to organize the work and training courses in the field of the planning and study programs.


Dr. Meryam Tyrkestani

Tel.  8051555

Office Hours:

Sunday: 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Location :

Building 22

Floor: (G)

Office 27

Contact us:

Tel. 8056574

Fax: 8054783


Diwan code: 11/4

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