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Legal Department

Legal Department – Female Section:

Legal department is one of KSU's main administrations that works side by side to achieve KSU's vision, mission ,objectives and apply its values. The female section in Female student campus has a prominent and effective role in Conducting business.


Organizational Affiliation:

The Female Section is affiliated with the Director of the Legal Department, which is associated with Rector of King Saud University.



•           Representing KSU in cases filed before the Board of Grievances.

•           Looking into grievances and provide legal opinion.

•           Preparing legal drafting as contracts, administrative decrees, memorandum of understanding and agreements.

•           Participation in the university's committees that require these works.


Supervisor of the Female Section of the Legal Department:

Legal Researcher: Hafsa Al-Awla

Tel. 57889


Department Staff:

Lulu Al-Subail

Sarah Al-Rabeah

Norah Al-Hathloul

Nuha Al-Ghamdi

Hanan Al-Rowais

Tahani Al-Qahtani

Aishah Jassas



Ashwaq Al-Hatim

Tel. 57817

Ashwaq Al-Shathry

Tel. 50188  



Building: 20, Floor: 2

Offices: ( 20S81-20S82-20S84-20S85-20S86)

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