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Institutional Studies Department

Institutional Studies Department

The department aims to enhance and assure institutional effectiveness to achieve optimal performance in all the academic, administrative and community interaction fields. It works on developing the communication means between departments, colleges and administrations within the Female Student Campus. It also conducts institutional studies which support decision-making process and strategic planning.

The Department Services: 
1. Conducting institutional studies and researches, and providing translation services for administrative purposes.
2. Preparing communication plans for the Female Student Campus.
3. Providing Administrative support for the academic and administrative female leaders.
4. Community partnership services.

The Units of Institutional Studies Department:
1. The Unit of Studies, Researches and translation …(more)
2. The Unit of Communication Program …(more)
3. Female Leaders Program…(more)
4. The Unit of Community Partnership. …(more)

Director of Institutional Studies Department
Areej Saeed Ibrahim (Acting Director)

Contact us:
Ext.: 51328 / 50399 / 50602 / 51310 / 51525


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