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Deanship of Library Affairs

Deanship of Library Affairs

The library is one of the university bodies (student, faculty member and library), in the light of excellence and quality achieved by the university in education, scientific research and production, and community service in all sects, the deanship of libraries affairs seeks continuity in the quality and excellence of its service offering to the academic community. By providing paper and electronic resources of educational materials for each specialty, and to make these resources easily accessed for the beneficiaries from inside or outside the University. The library seeks to meet the great development in information technology and to meet the trend toward digital and communications, in order to support the researches, educational and practical programs of the University and the whole community. Deanship of libraries affairs is proud to have the support of the University and provide all the material, technical capabilities that contribute to the development and excellence of the library and its services.


Dr. Isra Al-Turaiki

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Avaliable daily during the official working hours.


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Tel. 8055127

Tel. 8055041


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