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Deanship of E-Transactions & Communications

Deanship of E-Transactions & Communications

The Deanship of E-Transactions & Communications oversees the university’s technical infrastructures through the affiliated administrative units: Office of Vice-dean's Assistant for Operation and Maintenance, Office of Vice-dean's Assistant for Technical Affairs, Office of Vice-dean's Assistant for Quality and Development, and Deanship’s Administration at Female Student Campus. It supervises organizational work related to information and communication technology, quality standards, operational plans and technical infrastructure at the Female Student Campus in accordance with the rules and regulations of KSU.

Advisor for Deanship of E-Transactions & Communications:

Dr. Areej Al-Hogail

Tel: 0118050001


Office: 20T20

Assistant for Development and Quality:

Arwa Al-Dobakhi

Tel: 0118051944


Office: 20T17

Assistant for Operation and Maintenance:

Maram AlQahtani

Tel: 8050321


Office: 20T18

Vice-Dean Assistant for Technical Affairs:

Amal Abdulaziz Al-Sudairy

Tel: 8051515


Office: 20T22


Asma Al-Musaind

Tel: 852143


Office: 20T16

The Deanship's Location:

Gate: 3

Building: 20

Floor: 3

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