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Administrative Leaders

Vice-Rector for Female Student Affairs

Vice-Rector of Student Affairs Dr. Ghada Bin Saif  

Vice-Rector's Assistant for Administrative and Financial Affairs

Dr. Gazeal Saad Al-Aisa
Vice-Rector's Assistant for Operating Affairs & Supporting Survices   Dr Malak AL-Qattan



Vice Rector’s Advisor for Educational and Academic Affairs Dr. Maryam Hafiz Turkestani
Assistant Vice President for Projects for Student Affairs
Dr. Maha Mishal Al-Rasheed
Vice Rector’s Advisor for Planning and Development Dr. Soad Al-Meshal
Vice Rector’s Advisor for Female Student Affairs Dr. Faten Al-Zamel
Consultant for Vision Realization Office  Dr. Abir Al-Harbi
 Vice Rector’s Advisor  for Student Affairs for Laboratory Affairs Dr. Rana Mohammad Hasanato


Vice Deans of Supportive Deanships

Vice-Dean for Female Student Admission and Registration Dr. Norah Hasan Al-Shehri
Vice-Dean of Scientific Research for Female Section Dr. Abeer Al Masri
Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies Dr. Madhawy Abdulaziz Almeshaal
Vice-Dean for Development and Quality Deanship Dr . Darah Asaad  Al-Disi
Vice-Dean for Library Affairs Deanship Dr. Sadeen Sulaiman Al-Harbi
Vice-Dean of Preparatory Year Deanship Dr. Hessa Al-Talassi
Vice-Dean of Skills Development Deanship Dr. Roua Abdullah Al-Subki
Advisor for Deanship of E-Transactions & Communications Dr. Areej A. Alhogail
Vice-Dean of Female Student Affairs Deanship Dr. Roaa Al-Qufaidi
Vice-Dean of E-Learning  Dr. Ameera Al-Khawaja


Vice-Deans of Colleges

Vice- Dean of College of Science
Vice-Dean of College of Pharmacy
Vice-Dean for Female Student Affairs- College of Computer and Information Sciences
Dr. Heyam Al-Baiti
Vice-Dean of College of Medicine
Dr. Hanan Ahmad Adeeb
Vice-Dean of College of Food Sciences & Agriculture
Dr. Nawal Abdullah Badr Al-Badar
Dean of College of Nursing
Vice-Dean of College of Nursing
Vice-Dean of College of Dentistry
Vice-Dean of College of Applied Medical Sciences
Vice-Dean of College of Education
Dr.Sara Bin Saeed
Vice Dean of the College of Architecture and Planning
Dr. Nora Ahmad Almozaini
Vice-Dean of College of Arts
Vice-Dean of College of Business Administration
Vice-Dean of College of Law and Political Science
Vice-Dean of College of Tourism and Archaeology                                                          
Dr.Hanoof Al-Mofleh
DrVice-Dean of Languages and Translation
Dr. Rezan Mohammad Alharbi
Vice-Dean of College Of Sport Sciences and Physical Activity
Vice-Dean of College of Applied Studies and Community Service
Dr. Nuha Al-Rowais
Vice-Dean of Language and Culture Dep.
Dr. Hajar Al-Mansour
Vice Dean Of Department of Heritage Resources and Tourist Guidance
Dr. Alaa Salem Alrwaibah



Assistant  Supervisor of External Joint Supervision Program Dr. Nadia Al-Ghreimil
Assistant Manager of Internal AUdit Unit in the Female Students Campus Dr. Leena Saeed Bashteh
Supervisor of Students with Disability Center May Abdulrahman AL-Fakhry
Director of Planning, Programs, and Projects Department Hanan Al-Sady (Acting Director)
Director of Institutional Studies Department Areej Saeed Ibrahim (Acting Director)
Director of System and Information Department Nada Mohammad Al-Qahtani
Director of Public Relations and Media Department Dr. Heyam Abdulrahman Almousa
Chairwoman of Central Warehouses Unit in the Female Students Campus Samar Al-Dakheel
Assistant Director General of Financial Management at the Female University Campus
Ghada Mohammed Al Sheikh
Supervisor of Female Section of the General Administration of Purchase Reem Al-Duaiji
Director of Warehouse Management Khuloud Al-Suwaid
Assistant Director of Transportation Management Amal Al-Mousa
Director of Warehouse Control Management Jawhara Muaily
The Female Supervisor of the Attracting Program Thuraya A-Saeedi
Supervisor of The Research Excellence Center of Science and Mathematics Development Dr. Nidhal Al-Ahmad
Director of the Legal Department in the Female Section Hafsa Al-Awla
Deputy director of the Center of Excellence in Learning and Education for women's departments Dr. Elham Abdulkareem Alsaadon


Vice-Rectorate for Planning and Development

Deputy Supervisor of Statistics and Information Administration Dr. Maha Al-Ammari
Director of Marketing and Distribution at King Saud University Press Reem Al-Saleh
Supervisor of Documentation Center Amal Al-Mutairi


Vice-Rectoret for Projects - Campus Safety & Security

Head of field follow-up department in the Female Campus in the Vice-Rectorate for Projects Halimah Al-Ahmari
Head of Services Management Department in the Female Campus in the Vice-Rectorate for Projects Tahani Al-Mohanna


Maintenance in the Female Campus

Director of Maintenance in the Female Campus Salamah Al-Suhali
Chairwoman of Female Maintenance Department in the Vice-Rectorate for Projects Badriah Al-Amri


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