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Administrative Leaders

Vice-Rector for Female Student Affairs

advisor to the president of the university for affairs of female studentsDr. Gazeal Saad Al-Aisa



 Advisor to the vice president of the university for Educational and Academic AffairsDr. Maryam Hafiz Turkestani
Advisor to the vice president for Projects for Student AffairsDr. nouf mohammad alouda
 Advisor to the vice president for Planning and DevelopmentDr. Soad Al-Meshal
 Advisor to the vice president for Planning and DevelopmentDr. Abir Al-Harbi


Vice Deans of Supportive Deanships

Vice-Dean for Female Student Admission and RegistrationDr. Norah Hasan Al-Shehri
Vice-Dean of Scientific Research for Female SectionDr. Abeer Al Masri
Vice-Dean for Graduate StudiesDr. Madhawy Abdulaziz Almeshaal
Vice-Dean for Development and Quality DeanshipDr . Darah Asaad  Al-Disi
Vice-Dean for Library Affairs DeanshipDr. Haifa ali alomar
Vice-Dean of Preparatory Year DeanshipDr. Haia alshari
Vice-Dean of Skills Development DeanshipDr. Roua Abdullah Al-Subki
Advisor for Deanship of E-Transactions & CommunicationsDr. Areej A. Alhogail
Vice-Dean of Female Student Affairs DeanshipDr. Roaa Al-Qufaidi
Vice-Dean of E-Learning Dr. mona alhamad


Vice-Deans of Colleges

Vice- Dean of College of Science
Vice-Dean of College of Pharmacy
Vice-Dean for Female Student Affairs- College of Computer and Information Sciences
Dr. norah alhagbani
Vice-Dean of College of Medicine
Dr. Hanan Ahmad Adeeb
Vice-Dean of College of Food Sciences & Agriculture
Dr. Nawal Abdullah Badr Al-Badar
Dean of College ofapplied medical sciences
Vice-Dean of College of Nursing
Vice-Dean of College of Dentistry
Vice-Dean of College of Applied Medical Sciences
Vice-Dean of College of Education
Dr.Sara Bin Saeed
Vice Dean of the College of Architecture and Planning
Dr. Nora yousef alkhamis
Vice-Dean of College of Arts
Vice-Dean of College of Business Administration
Vice-Dean of College of Law and Political Science
Vice-Dean of College of Tourism and Archaeology                                                          
Dr.Hanoof Al-Mofleh
Vice-Dean of Languages and Translation
Dr. nagiah algamdi
Vice-Dean of College Of Sport Sciences and Physical Activity
Vice-Dean of College of Applied Studies and Community Service
Dr. jawaher alheji
Vice-Dean of Language and Culture Dep.
Dr. Hajar Al-Mansour
Vice Dean Of Department of Heritage Resources and Tourist Guidance
Dr. Alaa Salem Alrwaibah



Assistant  Supervisor of External Joint Supervision ProgramDr. Nadia Al-Ghreimil
Assistant Manager of Internal AUdit Unit in the Female Students CampusDr. Leena Saeed Bashteh
Supervisor of Students with Disability CenterMay Abdulrahman AL-Fakhry
Director of Planning, Programs, and Projects DepartmentHanan Al-Sady (Acting Director)
Director of Institutional Studies DepartmentAreej Saeed Ibrahim 
Director of planning and administrative exellence departmentNada Mohammad Al-Qahtani
Director of Public Relations and Media DepartmentDr. Heyam Abdulrahman Almousa
Chairwoman of Central Warehouses Unit in the Female Students CampusSamar Al-Dakheel
Assistant Director General of Financial Management at the Female University Campus
Ghada Mohammed Al Sheikh
Supervisor of Female Section of the General Administration of PurchaseReem Al-Duaiji
Director of Warehouse ManagementKhuloud Al-Suwaid
Assistant Director of Transportation ManagementAmal Al-Mousa
Director of Warehouse Control ManagementJawhara Muaily
The Female Supervisor of the Attracting ProgramThuraya A-Saeedi
Supervisor of The Research Excellence Center of Science and Mathematics DevelopmentDr. Nidhal Al-Ahmad
Director of the Legal Department in the Female SectionHafsa Al-Awla
Deputy director of the Center of Excellence in Learning and Education for women's departmentsDr. Elham Abdulkareem Alsaadon


Vice-Rectorate for Planning and Development

Deputy Supervisor of Statistics and Information Administration 
Director of Marketing and Distribution at King Saud University PressReem Al-Saleh
Supervisor of Documentation CenterAmal Al-Mutairi


Vice-Rectoret for Projects - Campus Safety & Security

Head of field follow-up department in the Female Campus in the Vice-Rectorate for ProjectsHalimah Al-Ahmari
Head of Services Management Department in the Female Campus in the Vice-Rectorate for ProjectsTahani Al-Mohanna


Maintenance in the Female Campus

Chairwoman of Female Maintenance Department in the Vice-Rectorate for ProjectsBadriah Al-Amri


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