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Administrative Leaders

Vice-Rector for Female Student Affairs

Vice-Rector of Student Affairs

Dr. Einas Sulaiman Al-Eisa

Deans and Vice-deans

Dean of Humanities Departments

Dr. Gazeal Saad Al-aisa

Vice-Dean of Humanities Departments

Nada Hamad Al Hamad

Dean of Science and Medical Studies Departments

Dr. Maysaa’ Mohamed Al Qurashi

Vice-Dean of Science and Medical Studies Departments

 Dr. Sooad Khalaf Al-Daihan


Vice Rector’s Advisor for Educational and Academic Affairs

Dr. Meryam Hafez Tyrkestani

University Rector’s Advisor for Operating Affairs & Supporting Services

Safiah Hassan Mulla

Vice Rector’s Advisor for University Safety and Security

Dr. Maha Mishal Al-rasheed

Vice Rector’s Advisor for Planning and Development Dr. Soad Al-Meshal
Vice Rector’s Advisor for Female Student Affairs

Dr. Sinaa Al-Aqeel

Dr. Faten Al-Zamel

Vice Deans of Supportive Deanships

Vice-Dean for Female Student Admission and Registration

Dr. Amal Al-Ibrahim

Vice Dean of Scientific Research for Female Section

Dr. Abeer AbdulMoati Al Masri

Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies

Dr. Nada Abdulaziz Aljallal

Vice-Dean for Quality Deanship

Dr. Maha Ahmed Omair

Vice-Dean for Library Affairs Deanship

Dr. Fathiah Hussain Eqab

Vice-Dean of Applied Studies and Community Service College

Dr. Malak Qattan


Vice-Dean of Preparatory Year Deanship

Dr. Hessa Al-Talassi

Vice-Dean of Skills Development Deanship

Dr. Nadia Mohammed Almotairi

Vice-Dean  of E-Transaction and Communication Deanship for Female Technical Affairs

Dr. Deemah Saleh Alathal

Vice-Dean of Female Student Affairs Deanship

Dr. Norah Othman Abanme

Vice-Dean of Female Faculty and Staff Affairs Deanship

Wafa Al-Ajroush


Vice-Dean of Colleges

Vice Dean of College of Science

Dr. Abeer Abdullah Al-Medlej

Vice Dean of College of Pharmacy

Dr. Nouf Mohammad Alrasheed

Vice Dean for Student Affairs- College of Computer and Information Sciences

Dr. Hessah Abdullah Alsalamah

Vice Dean of College of Medicine

Dr. Fatimah Al-Haidar

Vice Dean of Food Sciences & Nutrition Department

Dr. Nawal Abdullah Badr Al-badar

Vice Dean  of College of Nursing

Dr. Taghreed Abdulaziz Hafiz

Vice Dean  of College of Dentistry

Dr. Samar Abdul Rahman Al-Saleh

Vice-Dean of College of Applied Medical Sciences

Dr. May Mohammed Alrashed

Vice-Dean of College of Education

Dr. Raja Bahathe


Vice-Dean of College of Arts

Dr. Amal Al-Rashid

Vice-Dean of College of Business Administration

Dr. Soad Al-Meshal


Vice-Dean of College of Law and Political Science

Dr. Arwa Ebrahim Aljallal

Vice-Dean of College of Tourism and Archaeology

Dhaferah Al-Shehri


Vice-Dean of Languages and Translation

Dr. Reem Salem Alsalem


Director of Planning, Programs, and Projects Department

Mashael Rashed Almeshari

Director of Institutional Studies Department

Mona Abdulrahman Al-Eisa

Director of System and Information Department

Nada Mohammad Al-Qahtani

Supervisor of Administrative Communication Center

Maha Meshari Alngaimesh

Director of Public Relations and Media Department

Manal Saleh Bin Saeed

Director of Female Audit Department

Ghada Mohammad Al-Shaikh

Supervisor of Female Section of the General Administration of Purchase

Reem Al-Duaiji

Director of Warehouse Management

Monirah Abdullah Alduailj

Deputy Director of Transportation Management  in the Female Campus

Suaad Hijr

Director of Warehouse Control Management in the Female Campus

Monirah Aldahi

Supervisor of Attracting Outstanding Faculty and Researchers Program

Thuraya Al Saeedi

Vice-Dean of Arabic Language and Culture Department at the Arabic Linguistics Institute

Hend Sharea Al-Qahtani

Assistant supervisor of King Salman Entrepreneurship Institute

Maysaa’ Mohamed AlQurashi

Supervisor of Female Follow-up Department

Lamya  Abdulrahman AL-Bunyan

Supervisor of Female Student Disability Center

May Abdulrahman Abdullah AL-Fakhry