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Deanship of Human Resources

Deanship of Human Resources

Deanship of Faculty and Staff Affairs, previously Department of Faculty and Staff Affairs, was established by the Higher Education Council resolution in its forty third session in Sha’ban, 1427 A.H. Mainly focused on the human aspect, the main foundation in the educational process and management, the major assignment of the Deanship is to foster leadership in teaching, scientific research and community service. The Deanship undertakes multiple other responsibilities, together with other departments and the ministries of Civil Service and Finance, including quantitative and qualitative workforce planning. It also plays a significant role, via cooperation with the relevant bodies inside and outside the Kingdom, in attracting distinguished non-Saudi faculty and staff members to fill vacancies not occupied by qualified Saudi citizens. Moreover, it contributes a significant role in enhancing university employees’ performance, facilitating study-abroad scholarship procedures in various fields. Through active participation in the work of various committees, the Deanship provides consultations and advice for many university bodies.


University entrance gate : 3

Building: 22

Floor:  First

Office: 10

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Secretary: 8056374

Secretary: 8056490


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