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Deanship of Graduate Studies

Deanship of Graduate Studies

Based on King Saud University's concern for  providing specialized higher education that fulfills the Kingdom's need for competent and highly qualified cadres, the University has established the Deanship of Graduate Studies to be in charge of supervising and following up on all matters related to the graduate students studies starting with the admission process and ending with completion requirements (MA/MSc, PhD) including degree awarding procedures and referring paperwork to the University Council for final endorsement.

Vice Dean:

Dr. Madhawy Abdulaziz Almeshal

Office Hours:

All week except the following:

Monday: 8:00 a.m. -11:00 a.m.


Gate: 3

Building: 20-21

Floor: G

Vice- Dean's Office: 20G17

Contact us:

  Tel. Email
Vice Dean's Office 0118051533  
Vice Dean's Assistant for Academic Affairs 0118052066  
Vice Dean's Assistant for Admission Affairs 0118052886  
Admission 0118052856 - 0118056720

Students Affairs 0118052307 - 0118052943
Dues and Rewards/Stipends 0118052063  
Schedules and lecture Rooms 0118057975  
 Arrangement of Meetings and Lectures 0118050198  
 Arrangement of Supervision and Viva 0118050200
Graduate Student Science Club 0118052636  

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