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Deanship of E-Transactions & Communications

Deanship of E-Transactions & Communications

The Deanship of E-Transactions & Communications concerns with all technical infrastructure at the University. It supervises the e-learning procedures by providing an encouraging e-learning environment for learning and support performance. Also, it enables services and administrative procedures to turn them into electronic transactions.The Deanship provides trained staff to deliver services and e-learning programs, support services and technical provision for all devices, University systems, databases, servers, communication devices, and wired and wireless network. Media management screens take care of the media side by providing information and guidance to the University community . It provides beneficiaries services to recipients in all University sectors and all the following procedures to ensure information security within the University.


Dr. Deema Saleh Alathel

Contact us:

Tel. 8051144

Fax: 8054651


Office: 20T20


Vice-Dean Assistant for Development and Quality: 

Arwa Ibrahim Aldobakhi

Tel: 8051944


Office: 20T17


Vice-Dean Assistant for operation and Maintenance:

Maram AlQahtani

Tel: 8050321


Office: 20T18


Vice-Dean Assistant for Technical Affairs:

Amal Abdulaziz Al-Sudairy

Tel: 8051515


Office: 20T22



Asma Al-Musaind

Tel: 852143


Office: 20T16


The Deanship's Location:

Gate: 3

Building: 20

Floor: 3

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Deanship of E-Transactions & Communications